Timely Topics and Innovative Programming

Here are just a few of the unique presentations and panel discussions we’re developing for The Venture Debt Conference 2020:

  • Industry dynamics: The size and shape of the venture debt market, historical performance and future growth projections
  • Understanding the venture debt underwriting process: Creditworthiness and assessment of equity sponsors
  • Understanding debt structures for working capital vs. growth capital
  • Timing considerations: Raising debt alongside equity, raising between equity rounds, raising to fund an acquisition and the unique considerations of each approach
  • Typical financing terms of venture debt and how they differ from traditional bank loans
  • Common venture debt options including equipment financing, accounts receivable financing, and term loans
  • How companies are using venture debt to extend their cash runway and minimize equity dilution
  • The lender landscape: Commercial banks, specialty finance firms, alternative lenders, business development companies
  • Exploring revenue-based funding for recurring revenue business models
  • Senior venture loans vs. subordinated debt structures
  • Royalty-based funding for life sciences companies
  • Why late-stage venture lending is still the domain of banks and business development companies 
  • Using hybrid securities including convertible bonds, preferred stock, and debt with warrant kickers
  • Understanding the use of convertible debt at both early and late-stage private companies
  • Alternative lending structures including lines of credit, bridge loans, factoring, and merchant cash advances
  • Understanding the targeted marketing of business credit cards to VC-backed startups
  • How macro credit conditions and economic indicators impact the venture debt market
  • Market participants: Lenders, underwriting and credit companies, loan servicers, and loan brokers
  • Understanding possible headwinds in lending to startups including rising interest rates, increasing defaults, and reduced equity funding
  • Evaluating the growth of the venture debt market by sector
  • Possible explanations for the uncharacteristically low loss levels in the industry

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