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Venture debt is a type of financing provided to venture-backed or high-growth companies by banks and alternative lenders. Venture debt is typically less expensive than equity financing and is used by companies between equity funding rounds or to supplement equity financing. It can complement venture capital, private equity or other investments and provide value to fast-growing companies and their investors. Unlike traditional bank lending, venture debt is available to both startups and later-stage companies that might not have positive cash flows or significant assets to use as collateral.

Venture debt is not only a viable source of capital for many companies, but also an important part of strategic growth. As a complement to equity financing, venture debt provides growth capital to achieve the next milestone while minimizing equity dilution for both employees and investors.

The incremental capital afforded by a venture loan allows companies to achieve more progress ahead of the next valuation event, or to increase the certainty of reaching milestones, while minimizing the dilution that would occur by securing additional equity capital at an earlier round.

Major companies like Airbnb and Uber have used venture debt as part of their growth strategy, instead of raising additional rounds of equity funding. Businesses like these use venture debt to limit dilution of ownership, extend the runway between rounds of funding, finance specific projects or purchases, or invest in a growth opportunity.
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